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Mission Statement

The primary goal of the Teacher Cadet Program is to encourage academically able students who possess exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career. An important secondary goal of the Program is to provide these talented future community leaders with insights about teachers and schools so that they will be civic advocates of education.

The Teacher Cadet Program is an innovative approach designed to attract talented young people to the teaching profession through a challenging introduction to teaching. The Program seeks to provide high school students insight into the nature of teaching, the problems of schooling, and the critical issues affecting the quality of education in America's schools.

Program History

The Teacher Cadet Program began as a pilot project in 1985 in South Carolina.  A pilot was established with four high schools and four participating colleges.   Through the success of the program, Teach Cadet has grown to over 170 schools in South Carolina and has been adopted by thirty-four states across the nation.  The first Teacher Cadet courses in Colorado were offered in 2000 at Bear Creek High School and Arvada West High School.  The program has now been adopted by 19 school districts and is taught in 29 high schools.

Since its adoption in 2000, over 2,526 juniors and seniors have participated in the Teacher Cadet Program.


Littleton Public Schools Teacher Cadets attend the Future Teacher Expo

The event - Future Teacher Expo - held on the Auraria Campus on
October 15th, 2012, was designed to give students an opportunity to interact with
representatives from the state’s Teacher Education Programs and speak
personally with student teachers currently working in the schools. The LPS
Teacher Cadets also attended sessions on “Motivating and Engaging Students”
and a “College/University Fair”. The University of Colorado and the Colorado
Education Association sponsors the annual event.

Littleton Teacher Cadet
Breeanne Moore from Heritage High School stated, “ The conference was
very helpful and insightful. It helped me realize the many college options
available for me next year. I highly recommend it”

Dakota Poole from Cherokee Trail High School said, “ The conference helped
me realize the need for physics teachers and that is what I want to teach!
The breakout session on ‘Motivating and Engaging Students’ provided me
information I’ll use the rest of my life.”

Littleton Teacher Cadets

Littleton, Colorado - Of the 17 students who completed the Littleton Public Schools Teacher Cadet program last year, 16 are pursuing a career in education at a four-year institution, according to the course’s instructor. To read more...

Teacher Cadet Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreement Chart

Licensed program from South Carolina Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement