How to Start a Program

Getting Started

So, you’ve heard about CERRA’s nationally-recognized Teacher Cadet Program and want to begin offering the course in your school?

Teacher Cadet prefers that teachers complete the curriculum training the summer just before beginning to teach the course.   Our teachers have reinforced the concern that training a year in advance is too far out, making it difficult to implement the program.   Therefore, a course needs to be in place prior to training.

The student application and suggested letters come from the curriculum.   The PLAN, College In Colorado, Choices, Career Cruising, and other career interest surveys can be very helpful in identifying potential students.  In addition, school faculty can be very helpful in identifying students who they think might be interested in teaching.  Encourage your staff to recruit students to “grow your own” teachers.  School staffs can be especially helpful in identifying students to address current Colorado teacher shortages, such as: males, minorities, and teachers of special education, foreign languages, math, science or their particular subject area.

Many students just need someone to encourage them to consider education.  Teacher Cadet is a great way to find out about the profession.

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