“Our family is so thankful for the Colorado Teacher Cadets Program!

“Our family is so thankful for the Colorado Teacher Cadets Program!My daughter is a senior and is currently in the Teacher Cadet Program at Broomfield High School. She has been part of the TC program since her junior year of High School. The program has given her an inward passion and a desire for teaching even during two years of interruptions due to the global pandemic. She has completed over 100 hours at the local elementary school working with special education students and loves it. Her Cadet teacher at Broomfield HS has been an outstanding and impactful mentor, teacher and friend these past two years.  Because of the TC Program our daughter has currently been accepted to teaching programs at UNC, CU Denver, CU Boulder, CUCS, Regis and several out-of-state universities. We are thrilled and so proud to see our daughter attend university as she will be the first in our family to pursue a college education.”

From a former Teacher Cadet:

” You’ve had such a phenomenal impact on my life, and I can’t thank you enough. Believe it or not, I still have my teacher cadet 1 & 2 binders. I’ve finally found my way back to teaching!”

She is finishing her doctorate in clinical psychology but is thinking about being an adjunct professor at college level 🙂